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Medium is trying to shift the paradigm. They’re catering to those looking for fresh, new, authentic voices. I believe wholeheartedly in their mission, and as a writer, the tools that have afforded me have allowed me to broaden my reach as an artist in a way I would have never thought I could.

Joel Leon.

Do yourself a favor and start browsing Medium for high quality articles on just about ANY topic. Get those mental gears turning!

Rosemichelle Marzan

There’s no other place that combines such an excellent level of writing with a truly engaged and active community. Medium is truly where ideas are born, shared, and spread.

Jasmine Bina

In a web full of pseudo thought-leaders, Medium is the one place that I can reliably come to and be better informed in the easiest way possible of the things that matter to me.

Paul Fabretti

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